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Standard tour rates start at $199

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How it works:
You contact us and set up an appointment. We will come out (weather permitting) and photograph the home's exterior, and interior. With a supplied floor plan, we digitize the floor plan, put in all the interactive bits, photographs and your contact information, post it then send you the links (one for MLS, one for distributing). Additionally, you receive all of the photographs of the tour which you may post on the MLS service. For details on other services, refer to the price sheet.



Exterior of home, front and back
Interior rooms
Outside property consisting of backyard shots and sideyards.


Floor Plan:
If no floor plan is available we will create a floor plan and digitize it for the tour.
Refer to the price sheet for more information on floor plan pricing.


Interactive Format:
Choice of standard formats of most large brokerage firms.
Up to 3 levels of display (e.g. main level, second level, property highlights)


Display Contact Information:
Agent Photograph
Email button
Web site Button
Phone Number
Company Logo
Company Address



Free hosting service
All photographs from tour supplied
Additional 5 high resolution photographs on request
Stand-alone player file on request




In all cases multiple vantage points are shot. This is usually only limited to access of a room - if there's a bed in a corner a shot cannot be made from that corner. Usually all interior rooms will be photographed. However, depending on the size of a room it may not be possible or desirable to photograph.


Interiors should be prepared ahead of time, free of clutter with shades/drapes open and lights on. Every effort will be made to show the property in it's best light. People and pets should not be present during the shooting, if they are - smile!


Floor Plan:

If no floor plan is available, we will measure the home and create one for you. Window, door and appliance locations will be included on all plans. Of course we recommend supplying a floor plan for best (and accurate) results!


Availability of floor plans for single family dwellings is subject to weather and safe, unrestricted access to the exterior portions of the structure.


DuoVu makes no guarantees on the accuracy of any floor plan, and claims they are for illustrative purposes only. If floor plan scale, ratio or other plan factors are important to a prospective buyer, it is recommended they pursue securing one through a qualified source.


Interactive Format:

DuoVu will use your brokerage's corporate guidlines for your custom template.

The highlights page contains text on your listing not covered in the visual part of the tour. If you wish to have a highlights page (see tour examples) then send us a word doc or email, and we'll take care of the rest. Wax poetic, there's a 16,000 character limit! Please have any text prepared by the day of the shoot to expedite completion of your tour.


Contact Information:
Agent will supply DuoVu with JPEG portrait (approximately 90 x 120 pixels or larger), and contact information. Any information not supplied will not be displayed. Additionally it may be necessary if your brokerage is not in our records for Agent to supply Company/Broker Logo in vector, EPS or JPEG format, or supply an available source!