Spring 2013 Price Guideline

Tour With Supplied Floor Plan *

$225 Up to 3000 sq ft

$50 For every 1000 sq ft or fraction there of above 3000 sq ft.

Includes (downloadable) all low resolution tour photographs, 5 high resolution of agent’s choice.

* Duovu will accept quality floor plans supplied by client – must be in letter/legal print size, or digitally supplied in resolution 2X greater than screen resolution at letter size. Duovu is not responsible for information that is incorrect or incomplete on supplied floor plans.

$25 Per plan/sheet fee for generating information from large format contractors/architects blueprints.

Floor Plans

Duovu will measure home and then generate a floor plan for the tour.

Availability is subject to weather and safe and clear accessibility to exterior walls for single family dwellings.

$100 Tour Floor Plan Creation

$50 for every 1000 sq ft or fraction thereof above 3000 sq ft.

Additional Property


Swimming Pools and Spas in backyards (a distance not exceeding 1/4 house width or within the confines of a 10,000 sq ft.


lot) will be indicated as a normal part of the backyard for no charge.


per out-building, attached or semi-attached structure (excluding garage) that the agent wishes to included in the tour.


If the out-building is another residence it is charged at $100 plus an additional $50 per every 1000 sq ft over 1000 sq ft.


Enhanced grounds package – for those properties where the backyard or views are a significant selling point for the


property and the grounds consist of their own tour or any grounds that would require over 10 images to adequately


display should be charged for an enhanced grounds package.


2 URLs supplied for MLS and distribution

Realtor.com Listing

$20 additional charge for hosting on Realtor.com This fee is waived if company or agent subscribe to Realtor.com showcase listing enhancement product. Agent must supply MLS number when requesting this service.


$125 Photo Re shoots, minimum charge.

$10 CD of tour, all tour photos and 5 high resolution shots.

Rev.2e: 4-12

Duovu wishes to supply all of our clients the best possible service and a special way to showcase your property.

However, we cannot be responsible for weather conditions or time of day for scheduled exterior photography, or the condition of the interior of the home. During extremely inclement weather duovu reserves the right to reschedule floor plans for safety reasons. We are not responsible for rearranging or moving any objects, fixtures or furniture inside or outside of the home, or staging in any manner.

The contracting agent be must be present during our entire time at the property and ensure that all interior lights are on, and the home is free of clutter, pets and people so that we can present the home in its best light!