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You have a great property, you are in a great area and you know that once someone stays at your property you have a guest for life. Just how do you get them there? 

You know that the Travel Industry has been revolutionized by the Internet; you know you need a presence on the Internet, and you know that over 90% of all travel plans begin with research on the Internet. 

How do you create the experience of being within your property electronically? 

Traditional Virtual Tours are slow, cumbersome and rarely showcase the rooms and setting to their best advantage.  Nor do they help guests get a sense of where they are in relation to the property, room or how close they are to surrounding destinations.  It’s more like someone’s vacation photos and we all know how compelling that is to see.

You really have had to have been there. 

A DuoVu Tour is the answer.  A DuoVu Tour is interactive and fun, gives the potential guest the sense that they are on the property - on their PC.  It is as if they have virtually walked into the hotel room, strolled around the grounds and ate at the restaurant.

A DuoVu Tour clearly outlines where the common areas, shopping and restaurants are.  When your Guests arrive they will be more comfortable and more prepared to explore the grounds and stay on property longer; your Guests will want to explore the shops and the restaurants on yours property first, leaving less time for your competition.  It is a great tool to keep and retain guest loyalty and maximize the revenue from every guest’s stay. 

Your Catering and Sales Department will love the DuoVu Tour.  We can showcase your banquet and meeting rooms, the meeting planners will see the relationship these rooms have to the rest of the property.  Meeting Planners will be able to select just the right set-up for their event.  They can see the venue in a variety of uses and configurations.   There is no limit, if a room can be set up in a 100 different ways – we can showcase every one of them.  All this information is always accessible for every meeting and event planner in a neat, low cost, organized manner. 

Carolina T’s Husband said of the Napili Kai Tour, “Carolina and I wanted to honeymoon in Hawaii, but we didn’t want the traditional high rise or take an elevator to the beach. When we found the DuoVu Tour looking at the Napili Kai gave me chills – I found the exact location I want to have my honeymoon. When we got there we were not disappointed.  In fact we knew where everything was already that it greatly enhanced our honeymoon, we could relax immediately.”

Mike Dent, owner of Australian Tanning Company said, “The Napili Kai is our favorite resort in Hawaii. We were just longingly looking at the website wishing we were there, when we found the DuoVu Tour.  We knew right there that we needed a vacation and booked two weeks at the Napili Kai.  The virtual tour was what tipped the scales for us, Thanks DuoVu.”

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