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About DuoVu

DuoVu started life in 2003 as a new solution to how to present real estate in the way most people expect to view a home, and that's by walking through it - where they want and how they want. Thinking in terms of an architect, the most important aspect of the home is the layout.


From the very start, DuoVu wanted to create an elegant solution that would be compelling to buyers, and from what we've seen and heard, we've succeeded. But, we didn't want to stop there. Input from friends and clients showed us that there were many other possible uses for our technology, so we set out to make the solution available for everybody, using our tools online.


The first in a series of new software releases, our motors editor presents a new way for people to sell motor vehicles.


DuoVu is dedicated to constantly upgrading and improving our product, and count on suggestions and input from you, our users. On every page of the DuoVu site and the account pages, you'll find a suggestion link. Just click any time you think there is a new feature or addition you'd like to see! We're working hard to give you the solutions you need.


The DuoVu team is comprised of individuals and friends with diverse backgrounds.
By tapping all of our unique talents we are able to create simple and effective solutions.

On our team you will find people with backgrounds such as:

- Residential and commercial real estate agents, brokers
- Builders of residential and commercial properties
- Graphic and user interface designers
- Software usability experts
- Business solution usability experts